I am Philipp Zupke, a game designer with 7 years of industry experience. I  have worked on games in different genres for various platforms where I significantly contributed to successful games such as Pearls Peril and Junes Journey.

Now I want to support you to build and deliver games that are up for the challenge to thrive in today’s mobile free to play market.

My specialties are

Core Loop & Session Design – Designing and balancing short and long term loops that engage players daily

Free to Play Monetization  (In app purchases & video advertisement) – Designing fair and effective monetization systems that players want to pay for

Game Economies – Designing and balancing of progression systems and game economies. From simple energy based systems to complex progression systems

Gamification – Lets make   your service fun to use. I proven principles of game design to increase engagement and retention of your users.

Onboarding – Design, Test and Debug tutorials and onboarding to make sure your players get a taste of the game quickly and learn to love it quickly

Check out the projects I have worked on to learn more. Also, here is my CV: cv philipp zupke

What I can do for you

Hands On Design

  • Designs, balancing or content creation in engine
  • Work closely with the team and support your designers

Assessment – Asses your game holistically or a certain aspect  e.g.  tutorials, market fit, audience fit, monetisation Audit

Consultation – support you in your game release and roadmap

Lets Talk

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I’d be happy to hear from you!