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Consulting & Game Design Services

Consulting & GAme Design Services

Making your game profitable!

We all know: CPI < LTV is Key. What if your LTV is just not there?
I can help.

I provide actionable recommendations to improve retention, engagement, and monetization.

My strategies will help bring out the full potential of your game, whether it is a soft-launched title, a game in the concept stage, or an evergreen that needs a touch-up.

Bolstering Your Design team!

Sometimes you just need more design work done: quickly.

Let me join your design team in the trenches to balance, tune and build fun content or finish that GDD!

Don’t let game design be your bottleneck. Your players are waiting!

Pick your design problem/are, assign it to me and I’ll get cracking on the output your team needs.


Setting You up for Success!

Successful games are unique, fun, and marketable.

Let me tag along your design team and stakeholders, align and advise your design strategy 

Whats your USP? What does the audience want? How can we enter this new market?

Take the beaten path quicker or explore new territory safer.

What Do CLients Say

“I worked with Philipp for a year on a mobile RPG and it was quite possibly one of the best consultation and cooperative design experiences I’ve ever had. Philipp quickly demonstrated that he was an S-tier designer in several ways: his ideation process, documentation skills, communication etiquette, and his iteration methods. In the near future I hope to make use of his skills again and I would encourage anyone else looking for expert game design support to reach out to him ASAP!”

Josiah Wallace

Lead Game Designer
Immutable X (Guild of Guardians)

Who Did I work with

10 years Industry Game Design Experience At Your Fingertip!

Real World & Ar Gaming

Free To Play

Web 3 Gaming

Why work with me?

Why Work with me?

My aim is to truly help you with any game design challenge you are facing. Whether its making difficult decisions in your concept, priotizing your roadmap. I prefer to follow through with my designs and proposals instead of just delivering solutions leaving you to figure out the details. If you want, we are in this together. Execution matters.


As Your


I will bring new perspectives, best practices to your team. My in depth analysis will yield holistical solutions. I am a design alrounder, having worked in different genres, platforms in various team sizes.

As Your


Analysis is good and useful, but real value is created when we actually DO stuff.

I provide actionable results that are catered to your team, your game
and your context right now. Always enabling you to do the next step.


As Your

Practical Guide

Who AM I

A Game Design Alrounder, with 10 Years Game Design Experience Across Mobile, Console, Free to Play, VR, Web3 Games.

Philipp Zupke

I love video and mobile games and the challenges of this constantly evolving industry. It never gets old does it? I’ve been around the block a couple of times in my 10 years as a full time designer…

2 years ago I have decided to “levelup”. I wanted to contribute to more amazing projects and clients. Since then I have delivered 20 successful projects.

My goal is to be at the cusp of our industry and use my experience, and talents to elevate those who work with me.

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